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United Science and Capital (US&C) is a pioneering technology enterprise dedicated to delivering solutions to the most challenging issues facing humankind and the global environment.  Its groundbreaking products make it possible to ensure abundant water, food and energy at unprecedented efficiency, sustainability and economy.

The technologies work together to transform deserts into greenbelts to increase food production and ecological vitality; to solve the water supply of arid and drought-stricken regions; and to make clean, renewable energy finally deliver on its promise.

Over a decade in research and development, US&C’s principal projects are ready for implementation with the international patent process (nearly) completed. Many countries from the Middle East, Persian Gulf nations, India, Africa and the United States are in advanced explorations of bringing US&C systems into operation to address their challenges.  Simultaneously, US&C has entered into a comprehensive academic research partnership with Arizona State University to develop further applications.

At the core of US&C’s revolutionary new technologies is the Water and Power Tower, which utilizes the heat differential between colder water and warmer air to generate high efficiency outputs of electricity day and night.


Our Vision is to wide spread our breakthrough technologies into game changing, large scale development projects within the water, energy and agricultural sectors.


Our Mission is to secure enough water and utilisable soil for food security world wide.


Our Goal is to have at least one project fully commercialized by 2022. Furthermore we aim to become one of the world’s key players in water desalination from renewables and agriculture in arid areas.

Some of the Partners we work with

These are some of our collaborators today. We are actively looking for and striving to unite our efforts with additional talented companies, institutions and individuals to secure the acquisition of our groundbreaking projects.

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